Forsythe provides a wide-range of Special Inspection Services in order to ensure compliance with approved plans, specifications and applicable building codes and ordinances.

Special Inspections are required in accordance with the California Building Code (CBC), Chapter 17 for most construction projects. These special inspections are in addition to inspections conducted by the jurisdiction. Forsythe Special Inspections consist of overseeing materials testing and workmanship critical to the structural integrity of the building/project. The Forsythe Materials Testing Lab (accredited by AMRL-AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory) is overseen by a professional registered engineer with testing conducted by certified laboratory technicians.

Forsythe provides the following Special Inspection Services:

Reinforced Concrete

  • Concrete Placement and Sampling
  • Batch Plant Inspection
  • Reinforcing Steel Placement Inspection

Precast Concrete Fabrication

  • Concrete Placement and Sampling
  • Reinforcing Steel and Tendon Inspection
  • Tendon Stressing Observations

Post-Tensioned Concrete

  • Concrete Placement and Sampling
  • Reinforcing Steel and Tendon Placement Inspection
  • Tendon Stressing Observations


  • Pre-Production Panel
  • Reinforcing Steel Placement Inspection
  • Shotcrete Placement Inspection

Structural Masonry

  • CMU Placement and Sampling
  • Reinforcing Steel Placement Inspection
  • Grout Placement Inspection

Wood Framing

  • Material Verification
  • Shear Wall Nailing Inspection
  • Floor Diaphragm Nailing Inspection

Structural Steel and Welding

  • Material Identification
  • Shop Fabrication Welding Inspection
  • Field Welding Inspection
  • Nondestructive Testing
  • High Strength Bolting Inspection

Anchor and Dowel Installation

  • Installation Inspection
  • Torque/Proofload Testing

Spray Applied Fireproofing